dimitrina sevova


Dimitrina Sevova, Swiss-Bulgarian artist. Holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of the Arts ZHdK, Zurich, and graduated in the painting class of Prof. Andrei Daniel at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. She also completed a MAS Curating from the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts of ZHdK.


artist statement

I experiment with different stages of clay and the fragility of the material, from handbuilt or cast ceramic or porcelain objects and vessels to sculptures and environments of ephemeral wall paintings of unfired clay. Like in alchemy, working with this material needs a mutual affinity between the artist and the material. My work is often displayed in site-specific and contextually oriented installations, employing various additional media, from found objects, drawings, photography or video, to space and time informed by play, game and reflecting the current technological dispositives. Research is a method and way of making, drawing on scientific realism with its objective reality, which I displace by imagination to ambiguous, performative, subjective states of objects. My works navigate between two systems, on the one hand, the representational models and their fiction, and on the other, the abstract, immaterial, and performative qualities of reality itself. Between micro and macro, a mysterious manifestation of natural and technological magic in the dark underscores poetic ecologies and earthly muds.

The motto of my practices is: deskill craft, re-skill art to reconnect thinking with making.



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